Take a chance on love! Experiment and get excited.

As long as your life is a mystery you live by grace. Then stop THINKing, give up, and anticipate a miracle!


You are caught in a dream trap right now, and it´s the result of believing you are a body.
Forgiveness is seeing your past merely as an error. Accept the correction right now and be free.
In God you are married to everything. You cannot divorce yourself from anything. Embrace yourself as  you are now and live happily ever after.
Good and Evil is a vicious cycle of cause and effect which in reality does not exist, it’s only your mind trying to be right. Duality cannot be true.
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When I gave up getting things and started giving love, I learned giving love and receiving love to be the same.

Truth is true, it cannot change, it is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. There is a light in you that does not change. It is the truth of who you are. That light is what we all are looking to find. Our life is dark without that light. Our moods change from happy to despair like the tides of the ocean. In darkness our life seems to have no purpose but to be born, live, suffer, and end in death. Why? An answer has to be found. This is the story of that search. It is the story of you and me and every human being born into this world. I invite you to go on this journey with me. Together we will use this book you are holding in your hand to search for our hidden treasure. This is our story, part human, part divine, of faith, hope and miracles. Are you ready?

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